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Ojarumaru (おじゃる丸), also known as Prince Mackaroo[1], is an anime series created by Rin Inumaru, produced by NHK and NHK Enterprises, and animated by Studio Gallop. The series has been airing on NHK E, on October 5, 1998. It is NHK's second longest-running anime series to date. The target demographics are toddlers to early elementary schoolers and late teens to 20s.[2]


Around 1,000 years ago in Fairy World in the Heian era, a young prince from a noble family named Ojarumaru Sakanoue is bored of his life of privilege. He is later lured into Enma World by the sound of a ukulele played by Great King Enma. Upon arriving, he steals Great King Enma's powerful scepter, which he uses in order to judge the dead. While getting chased by Great King Enma, he accidentally falls into the Moon Hole, which time-warps him to the present time through the Full Moon Road. The furious Great King Enma sends his three adopted oni children, Aobee, Kisuke, and Akane, who are known as the Oni Child Trio, to pursue Ojarumaru and get the scepter back. At the present time, Ojarumaru befriends a boy named Kazuma Tamura and becomes a member of his family, thanks to his grandfather Tommy. While making many new friends and dodging the Oni Child Trio's efforts to retrieve the scepter, Ojarumaru has many adventures and encounters new things he's never seen before.

Later episodes tend to center around other characters, including: Princess Okame, Ojarumaru's young fiancé who desperately tries to win over his heart; Okorinbō and Nikorinbō, two anthropomorphic komainu who try numerous get-rich-quick methods in a bid to get their shinto shrine out of poverty; Ken, a freeter who keeps changing jobs; Kazuma's classmates, big eater Kintarō Sakata, beauty-obsessed Komachi Ono, and the judgmental but well-intentioned Kentarō Iwashimizu; Icchoku Honda, Kazuma's energetic homeroom teacher; the Hoshino Family, 3 aliens from another planet who want to invade earth and have a strange aversion to Ojarumaru; and Sachiyo Usui, an eccentric manga artist who is notorious for her creepy, highly detailed drawings.

Broadcast time[]

The series initially aired on weekdays from 7:40 to 7:50 AM, followed by a rerun the same days from 5:25 to 5:35 PM. From April 5, 1999 to April 5, 2003 the series aired from 7:45 to 7:55 AM, followed by a rerun the same days from 5:31 to 5:41 PM, the latter of which lasted until April 1, 2000. From April 3, 2000 to April 5, 2003 the rerun occurred from 5:30 to 5:40 PM. Since April 5, 2003 the series no longer airs in the morning, and the evening 5 o'clock and 6 o'clock airing became the norm.

From April 7, 2003 to April 3, 2004 the series aired from 5:50 to 6:00 PM. From April 5, 2004 to April 2, 2006 the series aired from 6:00 to 6:10 PM. On April 3, 2006 the series returned to the 5:50 to 6:00 PM time-slot, and lasted until March 30, 2007. The series returned to the 6:00 to 6:10 PM time-slot on April 2, 2007 and has remained there since.

Since January 2015 the series airs on Wednesday through Friday due to Wasimo airing in the series' time-slot on Monday and Tuesday.