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My Pebble (マロの小石 Maro no Koishi) is the premiere episode of the 18th series and the 1489th episode of the Ojarumaru.


In the Heian era, Ojarumaru and his father look for the perfect pebble as a present for Kazuma's birthday. Eventually, he finds a pebble he thinks Kazuma would like, then he and Denbo proceed to the Moon Hole in order to time-warp back to present day Japan. However, Kazuma's present slips out of Ojarumaru's hands and goes into a wormhole. He and Denbo chase after it and arrive at a different era in Japan where they meet Gin, Kin-chan's ancestor. Afterwards, they try finding Kazuma's present so that Ojarumaru and Denbo can make back in time for Kazuma's birthday.


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